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PressForward is now accepting applications for partners to develop pilot publications using the PressForward plugin and methods. Pilot partners receive a grant to help cover startup costs and extensive PressForward support to develop (or relaunch) their own PressForward publications. PressForward publications use innovative methods to aggregate scholarship, research, white papers and informal conversations published on the open web. (Examples of PressForward publications include Digital Humanities Now, dh+lib, and Environmental Humanities Now.)

Pilot partners will benefit from the support of the PressForward outreach team through every stage of publication development, from choosing an advisory board and developing a source base to training editors and managing their time.

Current partners with PressForward publications in development include PLoS Collections,,, and the Rachel Carson Center for Environmental Humanities.

Potential publications should have a sponsoring institution or organization, a group of editors dedicated to bringing their idea to fruition, and a demonstrated community need for a publication that brings together the best work done by its members. International organizations are welcome. Science and technology-affiliated organizations are encouraged to apply.

Potential applicants can contact us at info [at] with any questions, ideas or concerns.

To apply:

Send a description of your project, not to exceed 1500 words, a budget for the first year of operation (including in-kind contributions) and the CVs of committed project directors to info [at]  Additional materials, including a letter of support from your sponsoring institution or organization, may be requested.

First round application deadline is APRIL 30.

Finalists will be invited to the PressForward Institute in August, 2015 and will be notified by July 1.


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